Brian Crimmins

Coach, Author, and Speaker in Orlando, Florida, USA

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About Me

Hey there! I wear a few different hats, but they all have something in common: helping you live the best version of yourself with radiant authenticity.

I'm a life coach, guiding folks through one-on-one sessions via Zoom (check it out if you're curious!). I also love to express myself visually, both through my art and as the founder of Radiant Authenticity, a digital magazine brimming with inspiration.

But wait, there's more! I'm a certified Zentangle teacher, helping people find peace and creativity through this meditative art form. I'm also a trained SoulCollage facilitator, using intuition and collage to explore the depths of the soul.

And in my free time? I'm diving headfirst into the world of romance novels – stay tuned for that debut!

My Interests

  • Coaching
  • Coffee
  • Theater
  • Film
  • Books
  • Visual Arts
  • Museums
  • Podcasts
  • Connecting with other humans
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
    • Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing
    • Certified Zentangle® Teacher
    • SoulCollage™ Facilitator | Journey Circles™ Guide
    • Certified Creative Depth Coach
Brian showed up to every session fully attentive, recalling exactly where we left off, willing to guide and offer suggestions for me to ‘try on’ each step of the way. In my experience, he is authentic, present, kind, and gentle in all things ... including the coaching process. He had a knack for remembering key insights from previous meetings and bringing them back in front of me so I could reflect and clarify my thinking. That was really helpful to me.
- T.N.
Brian was very good at helping me craft my big game goal into something very specific and tangible ... the coaching sessions were easy and fun, but also challenging and super thought provoking. Brian is a great listener, and has a real talent for commenting and asking follow-up questions that make you go so much deeper than you even knew you could go. I would definitely recommend Brian as a life coach!
- R.M.
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